24 quick house cleaning hacks that make life super simple

24 quick house cleaning hacks that make life super simple

Posted on October 9, 2017

24 Quick House Cleaning Hacks that Make Life Super Simple

Cleaning in the 21st century no longer needs to be a tedious, boring and an extremely difficult task. Unlike sometimes back, everything had to be done by hand but thanks to advancement in technology that has seen an upsurge to many cleaning aids and gadgets that are in the market.  When these cleaning aids and electronic gadgets are used correctly they help save time, money, and the frustration that comes with house cleaning.

If you have a busy lifestyle that hardly allows you have enough time to keep up with constant tidying, here’s a list of 24 quick house cleaning hacks that make life super simple and transform the cleaning routine:

1.    Soil and Mud Belong Outside

When people have been working in the dirt, or kids playing in the soil, murk ends up inviting itself in the house. Apart from removing dirty shoes at the doorstep, you may have to find an amicable solution to protect the house from getting dirty.

Boot scrapers and rubber doormats are incredible for this. Dirty shoes must always be kept in a utility room to protect the rest of the house from getting dirty. This house cleaning hack reduces the need for that big annual clean-up and also saves the time spent on cleaning.

2.    Cleaning Your Floor

Floor maintenance is a daily cleaning requirement and perhaps the most common tasks among house cleaning chores. Floors are also the most expensive surfaces to repair, therefore an all-inclusive floor cleaning regime that will improve your floor and maintain its appearance is very important.

To start with, dry dust mopping and damp mopping are the two common basic procedures that are used to remove obvious dirt and debris on the floor. However, these simple floor-cleaning procedures are insufficient if sustained for a long period and normally lead to floor discoloration and long-term permanent damage to the floor surface.

To solve this problem, a neutral-pH floor cleaner can be used right immediately after damp mopping the floor. This is a thin, invisible firm that is formed on the floor which doesn’t alter the luster but helps negate dust particles holding onto the floor. This house cleaning hack is an effective technique of preserving the floor’s finish and protects it from chemical leaching.

3.    Tackle Stains On Your Carpet With Homemade Solutions!

Remove tough stains on your carpet with clear ammonia. Pour a few drops on the stained area, put a damp cloth or spray some water with a spray bottle and steam the carpet with an iron for instant results. This method is cost effective and doesn’t require the purchase of expensive harmful chemicals.

One other simple house cleaning hacks are dipping a piece of cloth in a vinegar solution and directly apply to the stain. The vinegar solution is easy to make – mix one cup vinegar with two cups of water. Saturate a clean rag with the vinegar solution and lay it on the spot where there is a stain on the carpet. Iron the rag leaving it for about a minute and then pull the rag and you will notice the stain is no longer there!

A detergent solution also works in the same way as the vinegar solution. Mix ½ teaspoon of a dishwashing detergent into one cup of lukewarm water. Repeat the above procedure.

These simple house cleaning hacks will Keep your carpets looking neat and great!

4.    Give Tiles a Fresh Look

Once you have vacuumed the floor, mop a second time with a mixture of water and vinegar. To remove tough stains, prepare a solution of warm water with scouring powder and apply to the stained tile- let it sit for a while. Scrub thoroughly with a soft brush until the stain is no longer visible, rinse and dry.

5.    Pet Pee Stinks – Deodorize!

So what’s next? After your floors and carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and vacuumed, there’s still one problem – the house stinks with pet pee! A guest defines your living area by the odor that greets them at the doorstep. Even though you are a pet lover, a smelly room is embarrassing and you definitely don’t want that pungent cat pee welcoming them. Ideally, a house should have a neutral odor – clean fresh smell.

To accomplish this, clean up the cat pee as soon as possible to avoid stubborn odor. Baking soda and enzymatic additives work well. While some enzymatic products are formulated for cleaning the carpet, they are the way to go since they completely remove odor without discoloring your carpet.

If the urine is on clothing, linen or drapes have this dry-cleaned ASAP, if the urine is on a hard surface, wipe it with a wet cloth. There are many other friendly cleaning agents that are effective and safe to use.

6.    Open TheWindows

It sounds quite obvious but it’s unbelievable that most people don’t open windows to let in fresh air. Closed up conditioned spaces hold up stale air. Well, it’s true that different weather conditions determine how and when to open or not to open windows. Nonetheless, fresh air gets rid of bad odor in the house and it’s one of the easiest house cleaning hacks that requires minimal effort to do.

Throughout spring, summer, and fall, you can open windows and even during winter, when it’s not possible to open most windows, you can let in a little fresh air for a while through a small opening.

7.    Cleaning Tough Stains in the Oven

Baking and roasting often leave built-up grease and charred food that cause a strong burning smell which contaminates your food with accumulated carbon inside your oven and is extremely hazardous! Here is a house cleaning hack that will ensure that you cook food in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly oven.

In order to clean the regular oven, remove all the racks and place them in warm soapy water and leave to soak. After some time, scrub the racks, rinse and dry. Make a cleaning solution of baking soda (4 tablespoons) and 1 liter of water and spray the interior of the oven with a focus on the stained and charred areas. Do this until the carbon is entirely saturated and leave for an hour.

Once it’s loose to chip off, use a scraper to remove the carbon then wipe the oven with a water-vinegar solution. To clean up spills immediately, sprinkle salt over the oven floor where you notice food spill while still cooking. Once the food is ready, turn off the oven and immediately wipe the affected area with a damp cloth.

8.    Combat Oil with Oil

Believe it or not, the most reliable way to get rid of greasy buildup on the stove top and hood is to use oil. Put some vegetable oil or olive oil in a paper towel and thoroughly rub across the greasy areas.

The oil works great as it removes the glop without difficulty and leaves the surface really shiny and future clean-ups stress-free.

9.    Cleaning the Blender

Cleaning the blender is easy if done immediately after use. However, if for whatever reason the blender cannot be cleaned immediately, you can try this house cleaning hack…Pour one cup of water and soap solution in the blender and leave for some time.

Put in two slices of lemon or a few drops of vinegar to remove stains and blend on low for a minute. Rinse and allow the blender to air dry.

10.    Get Rid Of Water Rings from Your Coffee Table

Condensation from bottles, cans, and glasses can leave a foul little-whitened ring that’s easy to see from far across the room especially if you don’t use coasters. To get rid of these rings, closely blow-dry the ring and in a few minutes, you will see it disappear. Recondition the wood by rubbing a little mineral or olive oil.

Instead of replacing your coffee table, try out this little house cleaning hack.

11.    Tackle Stinky Garbage Can

Never put a fresh disposal bag into a dirty garbage can. Every time you take out the trash out of the trash can, clean it completely from top to bottom by first removing spills and food particles. Rinse the can outside with a garden hose and leave it in the sun to dry or wipe with dry rags.

Spray the inside with a disinfectant or an all-purpose cleaner and scrub it thoroughly. Rinse and dry with paper towels or a dry rag and put in your new garbage bag. 

12.    Unblock Dusty Air Vents

Dirty and dusty air vents are a common hideout for bacteria, viruses and other germ causing diseases. The first step you need to do is to cover the supply registers with several sheets of paper towels, then turn on the fan and let it run for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure until the sheets are clean, all the dirt and dust will get trapped on the paper towels.

13.    Give Your Sneakers a New Look

With the help of an old toothbrush, you can keep the white parts of your sneaker bright and sparkly, especially the sole. Simply apply some toothpaste on the brush and coat the white parts. Once the toothpaste has dried, scrub it hard and fast then wipe it with a wet cloth, or soak the shoe in warm water, rinse then dry the shoe.

14.    Deep Clean The Sponge – The Microwave Way!

One more super house cleaning hacks that will keep you disease free is microwaving a wet kitchen sponge for a minute to kill bacteria that are usually present in the sponge. About 99% of all bacteria will die. You could also pop up the sponge in the dishwasher to get it clean.

15.    A Safe Way to Clean Your Laptop

Get a special screen cleaner for your screen, isopropyl alcohol, a small bowl of water, a can of compressed air and a clean cloth. Next, with the laptop turn off, remove the battery and spray with a can of compressed air until all debris has fallen off. Mix isopropyl alcohol with water, dip the piece of cloth and clean the laptop faces and keyboard. A point to note: the cloth must be completely wrung to avoid dumping the laptop with water.

Spray the special screen liquid on a microfiber cloth and gently clean the screen in circular motion. Never spray any liquid directly to your laptop.

16.    Get Your Gold Jewelry Shinning Again

The easiest and safest hack to keep gold jewelry sparkling is soaking in warm soapy water (not hot) for 15 minutes. After this, gently scrub the jewelry with a soft-bristled toothbrush, rinse under running water and then dry it with a soft piece of cloth.

17.    Remove Scorch Marks without Damaging Pan

Another sufficient house cleaning hack that helps remove an impossible scorch mark on your pan is adding one cup of water in the pan, mixed with white vinegar and bring to a boil. Sprinkle 2 tablespoons of baking soda and you will notice a fizzing that will loosen the scorch in the pan.

Allow the pan to cool down then scrub the pan using hot soapy water and rinse.

18.    Pick up Tiny Pieces of Glass

Picking up broken glass splinters can be a very risky and needs a lot of caution. You can either dab a wet cotton wool where the broken splinters are or use a piece of bread and gently press it down to pick up the splinters.

Save your fingers and try out these two house cleaning hacks to make life super simple!

19.    Remove Stains from the Wallpaper

Wallpapers tend to get dirty from dirt, dust or marks from crayons and pencils. Mix a small amount of dish soap in a bucket of warm water. Most wallpapers are made of vinyl material that makes them washable. Take a sponge or a clean piece of cloth, dip it in the cleaning solution, wring excess water, and spot-clean the wallpaper. Rinse and dry.

20.   Clean Tinted Car Windows

Park the car in the shade to avoid the cleaning agent (without ammonia) from drying quickly. Spray the cleaning agent to the tinted windows and wipe the murk and dirt with a microfiber cloth. Use another cloth to dry the windows. 

21.    Keep Stainless Steel Appliances Super Clean

This quick house cleaning hack will help you keep stainless steel appliances looking new all the time. To start with, get a piece of cloth and wipe all surface grime, and with a wet towel clean the appliance. To avoid leaving a soapy residue use a few drops of soap.

Finish by polishing the appliance with a glass cleaner or olive oil.

22.    Keep Toothbrush Clean

The toothbrush you use every day to clean your teeth may be contaminated with pathogenic organisms. Always wash and rinse your toothbrush with hot tap water after use, shake it to remove excess water and store the toothbrush in a clean holder in an upright position.

23.    Unclog a Drain

One of the easiest house cleaning hacks that will quickly help you unclog a drain is to pour a mixture of hot water, baking soda, and vinegar down the drain!

24.    Clean a Messy Microwave

Mix ½ tablespoon of white vinegar in half a cup of water and microwave for 5 minutes. Remove the glass and wash it separately in the sink, wipe the grime with a piece of clean cloth or towel using the solution.

Apply these easy quick house cleaning hacks that make life super simple!

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